The Arthritis Alliance of Canada Advocacy Committee recently implemented an evaluation scorecard system to evaluate "hot topics" identified by its members to determine what position, if any, the Alliance should take on the topic.



Hot Topics Reviews

Private Payers: Improving or Sustaining Access to Arthritis Treatment

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Some reports from Alliance members suggest the criteria used by insurance companies for medication claims are not well informed. With a fuller understanding of arthritis in the workplace, insurance companies and advisors, can provide plans with more rational access to medication that ensures the beneficiary receives the care needed to maintain productivity, while reducing overall absenteeism and presenteeism in the workplace.


Pediatric Rheumatology: Access to Treatment




On behalf of the pediatric rheumatologists in Canada, the Arthritis Alliance of Canada (AAC) recently brought to the AAC’s attention issues that impact Pediatric Rheumatology care that may be suited for government-related advocacy. 


Subsequent Entry Biologics



AAC Hot Topic Review paper on Subsequent Entry Biologics (SEBs).
This issue was brought forth by Arthritis Consumer Experts, The Arthritis Society and the Canadian Rheumatology Association.




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Update to original SEB Hot Topic April 2015

Since the last AAC Hot Topic on subsequent entry biologics (SEBs), provincial formularies and private health insurers have begun providing reimbursement listing for the first biosimilars approved in Canada. Both public and private payers are considering biosimilars as a key element in their mandates to list cost-effective drug treatment that are both clinically meaningful to patients and conducive to long-term cost reductions and drug plan sustainability.

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